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OMRI OKs Sterilox Solution for Certified Organic Food Production

Listing further solidifies Sterilox's food safety value as 'safe, natural, and green' solution.

@text:The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) has placed Sterilox's food safety solution - which is used by leading U.S. retail supermarket chains and foodservice operators to protect fresh produce, seafood, and floral products from harmful pathogens and cross-contamination -- on its approved products list.

The OMRI-listed seal assures the suitability of a product for use in organic food production, processing, and handling in compliance with the USDA National Organic Program. The Organic Food listing complements the FDA's Food Contact Notification, which formally recognizes that the Sterilox Solution is safe for direct contact with food.

"This OMRI listing further solidifies Sterilox Solution's value to retailers as a safe, natural, and green answer to food safety," said Tom Daniel, s.v.p./g.m. of Sterilox Food Safety, a division of PuriCore. The Organic Food production listing further assures retailers that the fresh produce and seafood in their supermarkets "are safe for their customers and that Sterilox Solution itself is safe for customers, employees, and the environment," Daniels noted.

More than 20 leading U.S. supermarket chains, including two of the top five, use the Sterilox Food Safety System to rinse fresh food products and sanitize food contact surfaces to prevent cross contamination of infectious pathogens.
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