Ohio's Acme Fresh Markets Test-Drives Fuel Rewards Program

Another regional grocer is revving up its interest in rewarding shoppers with gasoline discounts with a c-store partner. Akron, Ohio-based Acme Fresh Markets and Circle K gas stations have teamed up to begin a trial run of a new fuel rewards program at one of its Buckeye State locations.

“We’re testing it to make sure that we’ve got it figured out,” prior to rolling out the program to the company’s other 14 locations by May, Acme’s VP of sales and merchandising Jim Trout was quoted as saying in local reports.

As opposed to the discount fuel program offered by its chief competitor, Giant Eagle -- which offers customers cents-off per gallon discounts of its GetGo fuel with every $50 in supermarket purchases with a Giant Eagle Advantage Card -- Acme’s program ties its fuel rewards directly to products within the store. Further, rather than offering discounts on future gas, Acme customers will also earn money toward gas at any Circle K location.

Each week, Acme Fresh Market Fuel Rewards will offer 3,000 products throughout the store with fuel money linked to them, many of which will be private label brands such as Acme, Food Club and Top Care, as well as name-brand products, Trout added.

Discounts will range anywhere from 5 cents to $20 in fuel (on a large purchase, such as patio furniture). “You'll have to be a selective shopper,” said Trout. “You could walk out of the store with a free tank of gas if you're willing to make choices.”

The value on the new Fuel Rewards Card, which will be available free at Acme stores, will never expire, and the customers can get the money loaded onto it electronically for use at Circle K stores, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

For further information, visit the Acme Fresh Markets Web site at http://www.acmestores.com/parma-fuel-rewards.html.
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