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Nugget Market Relies on ReposiTrak for Proposition 65 Compliance

Nugget Market Relies on ReposiTrak For Proposition 65 Compliance
ReposiTrak's Compliance & Risk Management Solution will help Nugget Market avoid violations of California's Proposition 65

Nugget Market is using ReposiTrak's Compliance & Risk Management Solution to completely automate compliance documentation at corporate, facility and item levels, and to streamline the retailer’s supplier approval process, eliminating tedious and time-consuming paperwork. More importantly, because the 12-unit independent grocer operates entirely in California, the industry-leading compliance solution from Salt Lake City-based ReposiTrak will help Nugget Markets protect its business from the risk of incurring Proposition 65 violations.

“We needed a way to better comply with the new Prop 65 requirements as well as ensure compliance with the wide variety of suppliers in our growing network. We saw immense value in community, since ReposiTrak works with several California retailers and suppliers, which, combined with their easy-to-use, industry-leading solution, made them the clear choice for our own compliance management needs,” said Tyler Smith, safety and compliance specialist for Woodland, Calif.-based Nugget Markets. “Food safety compliance is a top priority for Nugget Markets. We work hard every day to protect our brand and, more importantly, protect our consumers.”

California’s Proposition 65 requires products containing any of hundreds of ingredients that could cause cancer to include a warning label on their packaging. ReposiTrak's Compliance & Risk Management suite, which has more than 250,000 connection points in the supply chain, as well as endorsements from leading trade groups such as FMI, ROFDA and GMDC, enables retailers to confirm that suppliers are meeting these requirements.

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