NPD Bows New Tracking Service for Supermarket Deli Departments

The NPD Group is now tracking consumer shopping habits, purchases and perceptions of the supermarket deli department through its new research service, DeliTrack. Primarily geared to manufacturers and retailers, DeliTrack aims to deliver consumer insights on key purchase measures, attitudes, and needs related to deli and prepackaged lunchmeat, cheese and prepared food purchases from retailers.

Developed from NPD’s 30 years of monitoring critical trends in consumer behavior, attitudes and purchase motivators, DeliTrack information is collected from members of NPD’s online consumer panel comprising more than 3 million registered individuals. Panelists selected to participate in the DeliTrack study are balanced, demographically selected and weighted to provide a nationally representative view.

A sampling of DeliTrack insight includes that when deli shoppers try an item from the department for the first time, nearly six in 10 adult shoppers say they would likely buy that item again.

“DeliTrack will aid both manufacturers and retailers in developing more effective and profitable deli programs,” said Ann Hanson, director of product development at Port Washington, N.Y.-based NPD. “The consumer insights delivered by DeliTrack will benefit manufacturers in product development, marketing and sales, and will provide retailers with a better understanding of deli customers’ needs and the means to gain a competitive advantage.”

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