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Not Your Typical Grocery

RACINE, Wisc. - The doors open today at Uncommon Shop Girls' Atypical Market, a small gourmet grocery store concept developed by Jeanne Dillon and Roberta Schulz, co-owners of Out of the Pan restaurant and catering, next door.

At about 20 by 35 feet, the market is minuscule compared with the prevailing large U.S. grocery stores. However, it will carry a broad range of unique products.

At one end of that range are unusual sauces and condiments such as butter lemon curd and smoked maple chipotle finishing sauce. Television gourmet Bobby Flay's line of products includes blends such as smoked yellow pepper sauce. The shop will also carry produce including lettuce, potatoes, mushrooms and vine-ripened tomatoes, as well as a rack of 1940s and '50s aprons and tablecloths.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Uncommon Girls will carry very common necessities like milk, dish soap and toilet paper. Dillon said those kinds of products will be sold at break-even prices, in line with what Piggly Wiggly might charge.

Prices on the fancier blends and sauces will range from about $3.25 to $11.75, with many seemingly in the middle of that range.

"This is all geared toward people who want to entertain at home," Dillon said. "You could come in and get your wine, bread, cheese ... and a few staples."

The owners hope to get their beer and wine license next week. They plan to offer nice table wines and mostly imported beers.

Some of the foods will be made at Out of the Pan and packaged for take-home. Those choices will include prepared salads, soups and cookies.

Dillon said the market will offer samples so people don't have to guess what every product tastes like before plunking down their money.
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