No Shortage of Wild Salmon in Alaska

Officials from the Juneau-based Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI) retailers said that recently reported depletions of salmon runs in California do not signal any problem for Alaskas summer salmon season, as the states fishing industry will begin harvesting millions of wild Alaskan salmon from mid-May through October, when each of the five Pacific salmon species are abundant.

ASMI said Alaskas harvest represents 90 percent to 95 percent of the wild-caught salmon harvested in North America.

ASMI said Alaskas successful fisheries management practices allow wild and sustainable Alaska salmon runs to return healthy and abundant, year after year. In 2007, the commercial harvest in Alaska exceeded 212 million fish -- the fourth largest salmon harvest on record.

In an effort to keep retailers current on Alaskas sustainable fishery management practices, ASMI is offering a new online training tool, Alaska Seafood U. The interactive Web-based training program provides facts and tips on each of the Alaska seafood species, fisheries management, harvesting methods, health and nutrition plus cooking and preparation information.

Alaska Seafood U is free to all retailers and can be accessed by visiting
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