NMI Names Top 10 Trends of 2004

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa. -- The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) has unveiled its Top 10 Trends of 2004, which are as follows:

1. American population exhibits "wellness polarization"
2. A shift from consumer value to consumer values
3. "Wellness" transfers to multiple, nontraditional industries
4. Nutritional maturation: from general to specific benefits
5. External/current events affect health-related priorities
6. Organic this, organic that --- Beyond foods/beverages
7. Demographic fragmentation creates wellness opportunities
8. Convenience and availability migrates across industries
9. Functionality and purity drive many consumer goods
10. The weight loss/diet epidemic: It's all about lifestyle

The findings were based on results of NMI's fifth annual Health and Wellness Trends Database (HWTD) and second annual LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) Consumer Trends Database, both based on research studies from 2,000+ U.S. consumer households.

The HWTD contains five years of trends with regard to attitudes, behaviors, product usage patterns, lifestyles, and demographics surrounding foods, beverages, nutritional supplements, weight loss, sports nutrition, and personal care, among other products.

The LOHAS database covers a range of products and services, including energy-efficient electronics and appliances, natural/organic food and beverages, "green" cleaning and household products, renewable power, "green" building, socially responsible investing, dietary supplements, natural/organic personal care, and alternative/hybrid transportation.
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