NMI and Nielsen Align To Help Marketers Develop Winning

Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), the leading market research and strategic consulting firm specializing in health, wellness and sustainability, and The Nielsen Company today announced an agreement that links NMI's Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability (LOHAS) consumer segmentation model with Nielsen BASES' consumer panel. The relationship provides consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers with an enhanced understanding of the $200+ billion LOHAS market and the ability to make smarter decisions in positioning, product development, and pricing for initiatives with green benefits including various eco-related products, natural, and organics.

Nielsen will incorporate NMI's proprietary LOHAS segmentation model into its BASES system, enabling NMI and Nielsen to quantify LOHAS consumers' acceptance of new product ideas, enabling enhanced consulting and optimization prior to commercialization. A white paper, Winning at Green, summarizing NMI and BASES learning and exploring the potential for green innovation has also been released.

"Together, NMI and Nielsen offer a complementary set of capabilities which will greatly help marketers interested in tapping into the growing LOHAS marketplace with new product offerings," said Steve French, NMI Managing Partner. "Putting NMI's deep understanding of consumers' attitudes and behaviors towards green with BASES expertise in new product development will allow our clients to capitalize on their opportunities for growth in this dynamic marketplace."

NMI and Nielsen's relationship enables companies to identify opportunities for new brands and existing products, as well as understand which categories and brands are most relevant to the optimal consumer segments and measure the effectiveness of LOHAS-targeted products and promotions. Combined data is available for analysis now.

"Sustainability is a macro trend that we believe will continue to grow, and this new offering will give our clients an important edge in developing winning initiatives in this space," said Rob Mooth, Vice President, Nielsen BASES. "This partnership is just another way to help our clients grow by successful innovation."

About LOHAS and NMI
LOHAS describes an integrated, rapidly growing $209 billion market for goods and services that appeals to consumers who have a meaningful sense of environmental and social responsibility and incorporates those values into their purchase decisions. NMI has quantified the LOHAS market and consumer since 2002, currently with seven years of trended insight and data.

Using a proprietary algorithm, NMI's annual survey (LOHAS Consumer Trends Database®) segments U.S. consumers into one of five consumer groups: LOHAS, NATURALITES, DRIFTERS, CONVENTIONALS and UNCONCERNEDS. This allows companies to not only focus on the LOHAS consumer segment, but other opportunistic segments as well.

NMI is an international strategic consulting, market research, and business development company specializing in the health, wellness, and sustainable marketplace. Since 1990, NMI has provided unparalleled insight to hundreds of clients around the world. NMI is the only source for LOHAS data, currently available in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. For more information on NMI’s proprietary research tools, customized research services, and insightful market reports, visit NMI's web site at http://www.nmisolutions.com/.

About The Nielsen Company
The Nielsen Company is a global information and media company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, trade shows and business publications (Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, Adweek). The privately held company is active in more than 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, USA. For more information, please visit, http://www.nielsen.com/.

About Nielsen BASES
Nielsen BASES, a service of The Nielsen Company, provides services that help clients achieve growth through successful new product innovation. BASES is known for analytical and forecasting expertise, its extensive database of experience (nearly 100,000 concepts tested), and providing global coordination and consistency. BASES offers a broad range of services related to innovation strategy, new product qualification and optimization, and initiative commercialization. BASES has offices in 25+ locations, partnering with most of the world’s leading marketers across a wide range of business sectors.
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