Nielsen Launches Service for Tailored Marketing Programs

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Nielsen Launches Service for Tailored Marketing Programs

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. -- The Nielsen Co. here is launching a new Web-based software product called Store Explorer that combines data from several of its information sources to provide insights on all aspects of retail store conditions, and their impact on brands and categories.

The new product will enable manufacturers and retailers to quickly, accurately and in great detail see and analyze all of the conditions in a specific retail store, "from shelf space allocation to a product's location to the impact of competitors' displays," said Dirk Izzo, s.v.p./Nielsen Business Technology Solutions. "Without the manual work previously required to integrate various data sources, Store Explorer users can more quickly respond to the facts on the ground in order to maximize their products' and their stores' success."

Nielsen is also the parent company of Progress Grocer.

Store Explorer can assist companies understand what is happening during a specific marketing program, why it's happening, and how to drive incremental marketing ROI going forward, Nielsen said, It provides an in-depth view of the market by pulling information from up to four Nielsen data sources: Spectra consumer demographics, Market Decisions custom audits, Nielsen weekly sales data, and TDLinx physical store characteristics.

"Our technology vision at Nielsen is to make it easy for clients to quickly get at an insight, take action, and move information throughout and beyond an organization," said Izzo. "Store Explorer helps users tailor their marketing execution to a unique store's characteristics, improve the space allocation for their product, understand the category-level impact of their marketing strategy, and optimize their displays."

The integrated capability will help drive profit, volume and share for clients by addressing their key business challenges, Izzo added.

Store Explorer is delivered through the Nielsen Answers Web portal, which delivers clients selected information organized to provide direct and immediate support for critical business decisions, along with a range of support services to help them access and understand reports and focus on the business implications of the information.