NGA’s CART Designation Gains Traction

The National Grocers Association (NGA) has designated four business solution providers with the "CART Registered for NGA" status, which identifies a company that offers benefits to NGA’s independent retailer members.

The designation comes as a result of field-testing of each company's products or services by several NGA retailers. With the designation, all NGA members can access and review detailed case studies to learn more about each company's services and solutions.

"The 'CART Registered for NGA' designation lets NGA members know that the company provides a service or solution that is of potential benefit, based upon case studies in actual retail settings," said Peter J. Larkin, NGA president/CEO.

The four companies gaining the "CART Registered for NGA" status are Balance Innovations, a service provider of customize cash management and reconciliation programs; FMS Solutions, which offers outsourced financial services tailored for smaller-scale grocers, and a companion software program for large operations; POS Tuning, a Germany-based display shelf industry partner; and Sterilox Fresh, a business division of PuriCore Inc., which offers a broad-spectrum cut flower biocidal formulation, called FloraFresh.

Each of the companies will be able to use the "CART Registered for NGA" icon on marketing materials and at their booths in the upcoming NGA Show in Las Vegas on Feb. 9 - 12.

The National Grocers Association is the national trade association representing the retail and wholesale grocers that comprise the independent sector of the food distribution industry.

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