NGA EXHIBITOR NEWS: Allegiance Deploys 1010data Big Data Discovery Platform

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NGA EXHIBITOR NEWS: Allegiance Deploys 1010data Big Data Discovery Platform


Allegiance Retail Services, a retailer–owned, supermarket co-op which operates the Foodtown, D’Agostino’s, Freshtown, LaBella and Brooklyn Harvest banners, has chosen 1010data as its big data discovery and data sharing platform.

The co-op will use 1010data to increase its analytical capabilities. Individual store owners will be able to leverage 1010data to interactively analyze all of their store and sales data and optimize their marketing and business operations. Allegiance will also begin sharing its data and analytics with vendors in order to achieve better collaboration between vendors and store owners on buying and marketing strategies.

“At Allegiance Retail Services, our goal has always been to provide independent supermarkets with the right retail services to help their businesses grow,” said John T. Derderian, VP of sales, marketing and member development, at Iselin, N.J.-based Allegiance. “With 1010data, independent supermarkets can get access to the analytical tools they need to understand their business at an unprecedented level of detail and sophistication. Additionally, using the 1010data Retail Vendor Portal allows us to provide our vendor-partners with access to the same marketing, sales and operations data that our co-op members use. In doing so, we are able to provide a platform that makes joint collaboration on merchandising easier than ever.”

Allegiance includes more than 80 supermarkets throughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. The co-op helps its independent retailers offer affordable prices, products, and services to consumers through advertising, marketing, operational, and technical support..

Prior to deploying 1010data, when Allegiance stores wanted to access point-of-sale data, they used legacy systems that had static reporting and lacked ad-hoc analytical capabilities. To answer complex questions, managers needed to manually combine multiple sources of data, and DSD (direct store delivery) invoices, which was inefficient from a resource and time perspective. With 1010data, Allegiance will increase operational efficiency, cut time and costs, predict sales and customer patterns, and reduce overall expenses, according to 1010data.

“The owner-operators at Allegiance need access to the most detailed levels of data to make business decisions that are best for their specific stores in their specific communities, and 1010data is optimized to deliver this in a cost-effective manner,” said Sandy Steier, co-founder and CEO of 1010data. “Independent stores are gaining access to what is usually only available to enterprises. In addition, using the 1010data Retail Vendor Portal, Allegiance is giving independent stores opportunities to collaborate with consumer packaged goods companies that were once reserved for regional chains.”