News America Marketing Launches At-shelf Video Ads

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News America Marketing Launches At-shelf Video Ads


News America Marketing, which produces over 165 billion coupons annually in the U.S. and Canada, has launched its SmartSource Push-to-View (P2V), a hybrid of flat screen technology, state-of-the-art audio and at-shelf banner advertising.

“This is an exciting product that we see having an enormous amount of sales lift potential,” said John Kelly, EVP, retail advertising solutions, News America Marketing. “We are providing our clients the ability to reach consumers via video, audio and print, all in one place with the unique ability to pull in shoppers from across the aisle.”

The SmartSource Push-to-View (P2V) is a custom shelf-based advertising program featuring a 4.3-inch LCD video screen embedded in a 6-inch x 11-inch portrait Shelftalk ad, making the screens larger than most of the largest smartphones currently available, and has the same resolution as the PlayStation Portable handheld gaming device. Up to three buttons can be used to activate custom video clips, each of which can play up to 30 seconds of full-motion video content with robust audio, widening the reach of the message to additional customers. The specially designed LCD screens allow shoppers to view clear video from any angle. P2V is housed in a banner ad, allowing the program to offer print advertising space in addition to the video component, providing equity on both sides.

SmartSource P2V will be available in more than 34,000 food, drug, mass, convenience, office and dollar stores in the second quarter of 2013. Clients including Procter & Gamble, Kimberly-Clark and Turtle Wax have already signed on as participants. Each ShelfVision P2V is a custom piece, and is category-exclusive.

The landscape orientation of the video screen gives it the same aspect ratio as most home televisions, so advertisers can make use of already existing content without film editing. It requires no external power, making placement flexible and adjustable.

“This is the bridge from analog to digital that so many of our clients have been looking for,” said Marty Garofalo, EVP, shopper marketing, News America Marketing. “The technology is modern and exciting, allowing us to reach consumers in a big way in a small amount of space.”