Newport Avenue Market Deploys Electronic Shelf Label System

BEND, Ore. - Community-based single-store independent Newport Avenue Market yesterday completed installation of electronic shelf tags in its store to reduce its paper usage and speed up price changes at its shelves.

"It's all part of the effort to reduce the size of our environmental footprint," said Rudy Dory, owner of Newport Avenue Market. "Switching to digital also enables us to have more accurate pricing."

The digital shelf tags are linked to a computer in the store's back office, from which all prices can be changed. In the past, price changes required the printing of new tags, manually affixing the tags to each product, then updating the checkout clerks, all which required extra labor, as well as investing in thousands of paper labels each year.

"Creating price tags manually left a lot of room for human error," said Dory. "Now, we can guarantee that the price displayed will be the same price charged at the checkstand. If not, we give the product to the customer free."

As a side benefit, Newport's customers are happy about the retailer's contribution to the environment. ""Our customers have noted that they are pleased to see us taking proactive measures to reduce the amount of paper we use," he said. "They see it as the future of pricing."

Newport Avenue Market is an IGA Plus operation.
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