New Tech Aims to Help Indie Grocers

New Tech Aims to Help Indie Grocers
New technology can help independent grocers better manage prices.

Independent grocers continue to benefit from the democratization of technology trend and recently gained powerful new pricing and promotion capabilities that previously were only available to large companies.

The latest example comes from Retail Software Solutions Group (RSSG). It has released a new version of its flagship Temporary Price Reduction (TPR) automation software to help independent grocers generate greater profits while delivering unparalleled productivity. 

DealWise is a SaaS-based solution that automates the processing of TPRs covering thousands of products within a given grocery store. Independent grocers using DealWise save significant time, labor and are generating an eight-fold increase in profits, RSSG said. In 2020 alone, DealWise generated an incremental $12.8 million in profits for these grocers.

“This update is another step towards our mission of helping independent grocers thrive. The new interface allows the busy grocer to see their weekly profits and trending in seconds, quickly calculate overrides, and navigate between different products with one click,” said Christopher Greco, CEO of RSSG.

The upgraded experience includes:

  • AMAP Batch Automation: Optional weekly batch that offers additional deal opportunities for grocers to keep for themselves and/or pass through to customers.
  • Advanced TPR Customization: Additional settings that allow grocers to define how TPR items get processed at various levels including department, commodity, subcommodity, private label to ultimately reap more profits and increase competitiveness. 
  • The DealWise Dashboard: New landing page dedicated to providing quick glance insights over a company’s TPR finances and operations.
  • The Override Calculator: Optional functionality that puts grocers in control of their TPR retails and allows them to have the final say after DealWise automation has occurred.

 “The new interface is impressive. I am super impressed by the speed,” said Tony Chouest of Cannata's Family Market.

The release also includes a redesign of the DealWise interface and behind-the-scenes framework that provide the simplest, fastest, most seamless user experience to customers. 

“Technology adoption is vital for our company to continue providing industry-leading software to the independent retailer. The recent update to our framework was one of many key decisions made to deliver the best technology and user experiences to our valued customers,” said Cody Inman, head of engineering at RSSG. 

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