New Software Helps Food Industry Deliver Products Safely

Micros Retail & Supply Chain has launched new software that was developed to help food retailers bring their products to market more safely, quickly and efficiently.
The vendor’s myCreations portfolio consists of a complete suite of integrated applications it said will:

  • Ensure that consumers get safe, high-quality food products
  • Bring products to market faster, through better collaboration and innovation within the supply chain
  • Protect their brands
  • Achieve greater profitability through greatly improved efficiencies

“Now, clients across North America can ensure greater food safety and higher quality for consumers utilizing our complete solutions that are specifically designed and developed for the food industry.” said Paul Woodward, CEO of the Rochester, N.Y.-based vendor.

Employing myCreations, food-industry clients can immediately access data on product ingredients, ingredient sources and manufacturing processes to ensure a high level of product quality and to meet all regulatory compliance and quality standards − protecting consumers and reducing potential risk to their brands. In the event of a product recall, myCreations users can respond quickly and reliably, with incident response time improved by as much as 90 percent.

myCreations was also developed to delivers better data accuracy over fragmented and legacy internal systems, and it automates several manual processes, according to Micros. Multiple processes are handled through a single portal, eliminating the need for multiple systems and addressing the issue of time-consuming access to limited, uncontrolled data. Approximately 60 percent of administration time is eliminated from the entire supply-chain process.

myCreations is available as an off-the-shelf solution or a fully customized option tailored to meet specific needs.

The core configuration, which enables clients to rapidly deploy the solution and gain the system benefits more quickly, features four standard modules:

  • myCompany gives system administrators the ability to manage and control company, user and system configurations for all myCreations modules.
  • myLibrary provides document storage and publication-management functions.
  • myReports is an intuitive data query and reporting tool.
  • mySupplier is a collaborative module for managing supplier and site records, contacts, audits and visits, vendor performance scorecards and incident alerts.

Both standard and tailored configurations are Cloud-based to integrate into clients’ existing operations seamlessly and easily, without the need to invest in additional IT resources and infrastructure. Any user can access myCreations via a secure web connection, from any PC with Internet access and applicable security privileges. Clients can customize their home screen’s layout and content to meet their individual preferences, and the user interface is compatible with 27 different languages.



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