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NEW PRODUCT: Nuts about health

LOS ANGELES - Paramount Farms, the world's biggest vertically integrated supplier of pistachios and almonds, has extended its reach in the snacking category with Sunkist Almond Munchies, a line of six heart-healthy almond snacks. Varieties are In the Raw, which are "just as nature created them"; skinless, lightly salted Nudies; lightly salted Roastie Toasties; Buttered Up; Honey Dipped; and Hot and Sassy, flavored with pepper and cayenne. Containing no added oil, the oven-roasted snacks are naturally free of trans fats and cholesterol, high in vitamin E, a good source of protein and dietary fiber, and low in carbs. A comprehensive marketing and public relations campaign for the product, which is scheduled for a full national rollout in May, includes national freestanding inserts, in-store displays, and a consumer Web site. Suggested retail price per six-ounce resealable bag is $3.99. For more information visit or call director of retail sales Alan Ecker at (925) 831-2474.
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