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New Independent Grocery Store Planned for South Carolina

Uncle Willie’s Grocery Store will carry natural and locally sourced goods
Lynn Petrak, Progressive Grocer
Beans from farmer
The soon-to-open Uncle Willie's Grocery Store on the north side of Columbia, S.C., will specialize in healthy produce from local farmers.

A new grocery store is coming to historic downtown Columbia, S.C., founded by a grocery entrepreneur moved by the pleas of local residents. Uncle Willie’s Grocery Store at 22005 Main Street in the north part of town was founded by Christa Williams, who was inspired by community feedback during her run for local office in 2021. She named the store for her Great Uncle Willie, a grocer who started his own store in Santee, S.C.

The 2,400-square foot space will feature items from local producers, including fresh foods like produce, meat and baked goods, along with other pantry and household items and some internationally sourced products. Local vendors and artisans are also encouraged to sell their products directly at the store at a dedicated spot for nearby suppliers.

“There have been just continuous requests by residents in the area ‘When are we going to get a grocery store?’ I’ve heard it over the years, and I heard it when I was running for council. One of the things I wanted to do while I was running for council was put things into action, the things that I heard the community saying they needed the most,” Williams told a local media outlet. She also shared bigger plans for the venture, noting that she’d like to expand the Uncle Willie’s concept to rural food deserts.

According to the store’s website, grocery curbside pickup and delivery will be available to nearby residents.

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