New Daymon Platform Links Payments, Loyalty Programs

Daymon Worldwide has launched Be Heard, a loyalty and payments platform offering retailers and suppliers a competitive advantage in engaging with customers in real time, and avoiding credit and debit transaction fees.

Daymon has collaborated with loyalty technology and strategy providers Midax and IncentEdge on the modular software solution, which delivers a convenient one-card and mobile option to add and redeem coupons, receive targeted offers, earn loyalty points, and pay for purchases.

Daymon Worldwide works hard to offer our partners strategic new services and insights that can cut through the competitive clutter, and deliver meaningful customer experiences,” notes Carla Cooper, CEO of the Stamford, Conn.-based company, which bills itself as “the only full-service, global retail branding and sourcing partner.” “This is an area where retailers have told us they needed more cost-effective solutions. [The] option … not only adds value to consumer relationships, but will also help retailers become more profitable.”

Be Heard’s payment capability links with a retailer’s loyalty program and processes payments outside traditional credit and debit processes, allowing the retailer to bypass banks' high fees. For retailers without loyalty programs, Daymon can help them create one.

“Not only have our retail partners been hit hard by bank card processing fees, they are actively looking for ways to differentiate themselves in the minds and hearts of their customers,” says Daymon CMO Andres Siefken. “This one-of-a-kind technology platform helps retailers interact with their customers in meaningful ways, while adding significant dollars to the bottom line.”

Siefken observes that one of Be Heard’s unique benefits is that it’s a self-funding platform, enabling relevant, timely engagement with customers, and delivering cost savings to the retailer whenever customers pay via loyalty card or smartphone.

“Instead of handing customers a stack of coupons on their way out of the store, Be Heard enables real-time, targeted offers directly to their customers’ loyalty cards or mobile phones while purchase decisions are being made,” adds Siefken. “The Be Heard engine sends back all shopping cart information immediately so retailers can use it to strengthen their customer relationships by deepening their customer knowledge. Additionally, those same consumer insights become an invaluable tool to leverage for effectively supporting and driving a retailer’s private brand program.”

Be Heard interfaces with all major POS systems, with no additional equipment or customization required, and permits customers to receive offers through retailer websites, smartphones, e-mail; at the point of sale on register receipts; or through in-store kiosks.

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