New Crossmark Solution Optimizes On-Shelf Availability at Walmart

A new service from Plano, Texas-based sales and marketing services company Crossmark, is helping manufacturers to better address the challenge of a product’s on-shelf availability at Walmart stores.

Called OSA Now, and developed by Plano, Texas-based Crossmark, the solution uses sophisticated algorithms -- customized for each supplier -- to identify store/item combinations that have a high likelihood of having an OSA problem. Typical issues include out-of-stocks, incorrect on-hand inventory, or products that are not on the planogram.

“OSA Now leverages services unique to Crossmark,” said Ken Drish, VP of business development for Crossmark. “The first is the collaboration between Crossmark’s business insights group and third-party data companies to create custom algorithms for each client, in each category and segment. The second is our retail model which has reps in all stores an average of more than twice per week, allowing reaction to the data faster than anyone else in our space. The third is our ability to measure the impact and show our clients their return on investment.”

With daily alerts, Crossmark retail representatives are able to quickly check whether products are on the shelves, whether a shelf tag is in place, or if there is another problem that is preventing sales of the product.

Crossmark is a sales and marketing services company in the consumer goods industry, providing growth solutions with service to manufacturers and retailers.

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