New Calif. Trade Coalition Launches Plastic Bag Recycling Program

LOS ANGELES -- The Progressive Bag Alliance (PBA), the California Retailers Association (CRA), and the California Grocers Association (CGA) yesterday launched a statewide plastic bag recycling program to enable California residents to return plastic carryout bags for recycling to the stores that provide them.

On July 1, 2007, a new California law, AB 2449, takes effect, requiring certain grocery stores and retail pharmacies with more than 10,000 square feet of retail space to provide at-store recycling programs for plastic carryout bags.

"Retailers are making a commitment to continue their overall recycling effort with the implementation of this program," said Peter Larkin, CGA president and c.e.o. "In addition to plastic carryout bag recycling, grocery retailers also recycle plastic film and cardboard used in shipping, green waste, and other material."

The PBA has designed a store "toolkit" to help retailers with public education, employee training, and developing recycling systems. A new logo, to be used in certain stores and in a public education campaign, will ask customers to simply bring the bags back to the store for recycling. The PBA's goal is to work with communities on flexible, cost-effective, end-to-end solutions that facilitate recycling in retail stores.

Neighborhood retailers comprising the membership of the California Retailers Association and the California Grocers Association are working with the Progressive Bag Alliance on new strategies to encourage consumers to partner with the retail community to recycle carryout bags at their local stores. In fact, many retailers are already accepting plastic bags for recycling.
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