Nearly Half of Thanksgiving Hosts Overwhelmed by Cost

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Nearly Half of Thanksgiving Hosts Overwhelmed by Cost


Hosting a Thanksgiving meal is an honor and a joy for many, but sometimes the price tag that goes along with it can be daunting.

A new survey reveals that 44 percent of those hosting Thanksgiving this year are at least somewhat overwhelmed with the cost. More women said they feel overwhelmed by the cost than men, at 51 percent and 36 percent, respectively.

Between a turkey, side dishes, beverages and dessert, a Thanksgiving host’s grocery bill can cost a cornucopia of money. Nearly one in five (17 percent) Thanksgiving hosts said they plan to spend $250 or more on the meal this year, while half (52 percent) will spend between $100 and $249. Others are planning a more frugal Thanksgiving, as 31 percent said they will spend under $100.

“Don’t let the burden of the cost of Thanksgiving fall squarely on your own shoulders,” said Jackie Warrick, president and chief savings officer. “Since many people will be enjoying the meal with you, consider asking guests to chip in on the cost, or better yet, contribute with a dish of their own. Combine the sharing strategy with other money-saving tactics and you'll be well on your way to a less expensive Turkey Day.”

Thanksgiving hosts that are feeling overwhelmed with the costs are employing a variety of money-trimming plans, including the following:

- Use coupons: 60 percent
- Shop early to get the best deals: 48 percent
- Buy items at a warehouse store: 37 percent
- Ask guests to bring a dish or dishes: 34 percent
- Wait until the last minute for deals as stores empty out their inventory: 10 percent
- Buy pre-made items at a grocery/specialty store: 7 percent

Warrick offers the following tips on how to save money this year:

- Scour the Web for coupons: Check out’s newly re-launched grocery section for coupons on thousands of items.
- Create a signature drink, as opposed to buying beer, wine and specific types of hard alcohol.
- Decorating deals: Check out a dollar store for plain tablecloths and napkins, and spice up tables up with leaves or fruit displays.

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Interactive on behalf of CouponCabin from Oct. 24 to 26 among 2,132 adults aged 18 and older.