Natural Grocers Steps Up to Help Texas Storm Victims

Natural Grocers Steps Up to Help Texas Storm Victims
Natural Grocers is offering free water in its Texas stores for storm victims.

As millions of consumers in Texas deal with frigid weather and lack of basic utilities — including safe drinkable water —  food retailers are helping to ease the burden.

More specifically, Natural Grocers is offering free water in its Texas stores. The water is from its stores' reverse osmosis water filtration machines. Free water will be available through Feb. 23, though the store has had to set limits.

"Due to the high-demand and the strain on the water filtration system, which can only pump 75 gallons every other hour at each store, we have to limit availability to 2 free gallons of water per person, with no additional gallons for purchase," a company spokesperson said. "We understand there are still so many in search of clean water, so we’ve made this change in order to help get water into as many hands as possible."

Power outages across Texas have impacted water treatment plants triggering a requirement to boil water before consumption, including eating, drinking, washing hands and faces, and brushing teeth.

The sterilization process used in Natural Grocers water dispensers disinfects the water with UV light, designed to provide safe high-quality water that does not need to be boiled before consumption. Additionally, via multiple filtration steps, the reverse osmosis process is intended to filter out suspended particles, chlorine and a wide range of chemicals, salts, lead, impurities and more.

To fill up on free water from the organic and natural grocery retailer, customers should bring their filled receptacle to the register, along with any items they are purchasing. Customers will need to provide their own jugs and bottles or select stores will have an assortment for purchase. The first five gallons are free of charge, and any additional gallons thereafter are 25 cents each.

Natural Grocers has 25 Texas stores, a company spokesperson says. Currently, the Corpus Christi store is unable to provide free water.

Natural Grocers has more than 3,500 employees and operates 160 stores in 20 states. The Lakewood, Colorado-based company is No. 94 on The PG 100, Progressive Grocer’s list of the top food and consumables retailers in North America.

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