National Pork Board Brings New Cuts to Stores

The National Pork Board's four new pork cuts are on their way to the retail meat case. This move comes after nomenclature was approved and Unified Retail Meat Identification Standard (URMIS) codes were assigned by the Industry-wide Cooperative Meat Identification Standards Committee (ICMISC) - a national group of retailers and meat-industry executives who ensure consistency in the retail meat purchasing world.

Jarrod Sutton, the Des Moines, Iowa-based NPB's director of retail marketing, said the ICMISC voted unanimously to accept the cut nomenclature and assign URMIS codes. "This is a big step and one that means any retailer can order these four cuts of pork for their store." The launch of the new cuts increases the value of pork's fresh leg and shoulder, thus providing additional revenue for retailers, he added.
The four cuts, which were released to the foodservice market by the National Pork Board in 2007, are:
 - Pork shoulder breast boneless - useful as thick strips and tastes best with moist cooking.
- Pork shoulder petite tender boneless - most tender of the new cuts with an upscale appeal; works well as medallions.
- Pork leg cap steak boneless - thin, textured and similar to a flank steak; great for grilling.
- Pork leg sirloin tip roast boneless - tender and juicy; great for a personal roast or rotisserie.
Consumers will come to know the cuts, first introduced in foodservice, as: Pork Breast, Petite Tender, Cap Steak, and Pocket Roast.
"Retailers are already beginning to demo the products at the meat case," said Sutton, citing Costco, which is introducing the pork breast in select Utah and Colorado stores this summer. "The more these cuts are demonstrated, the more progress can be made in educating consumers."
The Pork Board is developing marketing materials for the program. For more details, contact Sutton at [email protected].
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