Nasoya Bows Free App

Tofu brand Nasoya introduced its first mobile app, All Things Tofu, an on-the-go guide featuring recipes, instructional videos and more. The free app helps consumers, whether they’re old hands or newbies, learn more about fermented soybean curd.

All Things Tofu is a build on Nasoya's Tofu U website,  which functions as “virtual campus” in regard to the product.

Consumer research revealed to Ayer, Mass.-based Nasoya that tofu intrigues many because of its culinary and nutritional benefits, but consumers are often unsure how to prepare it. All Things Tofu brings step-by-step recipes and demonstration videos to home cooks’ mobile devices, enabling people to access relevant info anywhere.

App features include:

  • Meals: Dish Whiz, Nasoya’s Tofu U recipe search tool, enables users to choose meal type, ingredients and dietary preferences to generate a customized tofu recipe.
  • Rate and Share: Users can rate their favorite recipes and share with friends via e-mail, Facebook or text message.
  • Pledge: Those who take the Tofu U healthy living pledge receive such rewards as Nasoya coupons, while graduates of Tofu U get fun gear like branded T-shirts or gym shorts.
  • Reels: A video series starring Sabrina Garibian of the Rhodey Girl Tests blog has her demonstrating tofu tips such as where to find it in the grocery store, how to press and various preparation methods.

“We developed the app with tofu cooks of all levels in mind,” said Nasoya VP of Marketing Susan Rolnick. “Whether you’re new to cooking tofu, or have loved the little white block for a while, All Things Tofu is the app for you. Search, rate and share recipes; watch how-to videos; pledge to eat Nasoya Tofu to earn free stuff; and more -- All Things Tofu is a complete mobile guide to tofu.”

Consumers can download All Things Tofu from the Apple and Android mobile app markets.

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