Morning Energy

Lifestyle Foods, Inc. has added to its line of morning snacks for consumers in search of nutritious on-the-go options. The Awake snack combines apple slices, red seedless grapes, an all-natural granola bar and a trail mix of nuts, seeds and dried fruit, while the Essential snack offers a mini honey wheat bagel, light cream cheese, a whole hard-boiled egg, apple slices and red seedless grapes. Each package provides style and nutrition tips to go along with a healthy regimen, according to the York, Pa.-based company. Additionally, the containers, which have been redesigned to reduce the label size and amount of plastic consumed, are made from post-consumer recycled material, further lowering the product line’s overall environmental impact. The suggested retail price is $2.99 for a 5-ounce Awake snack or a 5.7-ounce Essential snack. Learn more at
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