MOM’s Organic Market Issues Pet Food Vendor Survey

MOM's Organic Market has joined forces with the Longmont, Colo.-based Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition (PISC) to create a survey for existing and potential pet food vendors.

Vendors are asked such questions as whether they use leftover animal products from the human food system, whether their seafood is certified sustainable by California-based Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch or a similar organization, and whether their packaging is recyclable, recycled, compostable and/or responsibly sourced.

As results come in, MOM's and PISC plan to form a working group of retailers, consumers and pet food suppliers to further tweak the survey for use across the pet food industry.

"Our goal is to source brands and products that hold an optimum balance between nutrition and sustainability," explained Lisa de Lima, VP of grocery at Rockville, Md.-based MOM's, which operates 12 stores in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. "We want to give our customers peace of mind, knowing they've made the best choice for their pets and the environment."

MOM's founder/CEO Scott Nash was inspired to work on the survey after reading an article in The Washington Post that raised questions as to the environmental impact of increasingly popular "gourmet" dog food made with prime cuts of meat.



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