M&M Meat Shops to Save $600K Annually Using LEDs

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M&M Meat Shops to Save $600K Annually Using LEDs


Specialty frozen food retailer M&M Meat Shops expects to save more than $600,000 in energy savings by installing LEDs in its refrigerated display cases across its 430 franchised locations.

The retailer is installing GE’s Immersion RV40 LED refrigerated display lighting for reach-in cases. “With its 5000-degree Kelvin temperature, GE’s new LED system creates beautiful, bright, white light,” said Dianne Chalmers, senior manager of construction at M&M Meat Shops. “It brings out the crispness of our signature white boxes, making them really pop in the vertical cases and impact the visual appeal of the entire store.”

Franchises are replacing T10 fluorescent lights with Immersion RV40 LED lighting systems. At a $.10 kWh rate and 12 hours of operation per day, the average M&M Meat Shops location will save about $870 per year in lighting energy costs alone, according to GE. GE’s LED refrigerated display lighting solution will also eliminate the maintenance cost of replacement ballasts and high-output fluorescent lamps—an approximate $525 savings per store.

This brings combined energy and maintenance reductions to nearly $1,400 for each franchisee to complete its lighting upgrade. To date, 150 M&M Meat Shops locations have made the switch to GE’s ecomagination LED technology, a combined $210,000 annual lighting cost savings.