Mintel Forecasts Global Food and Beverage Trends for 2008

CHICAGO -- Ingredient labels on food products will become easier to understand in 2008, concluded Mintel here based on recently completed research.

Mintel's Global New Products Database (GNPD) also identified nine other innovative new food and beverage trends set to make it big in the New Year, among which include experimenting with ancient grains, drinking tap water instead of bottled, and viewing salt in a more positive light.

Mintel's top 10 predicted food and beverage trends for 2008 include:

1.Bottled water backlash
2.Carbon footprint
3.Fair trade expansion
4.Ancient and sacred grains
5.Salt (sea salt product formulations, "place" salts such as Hawaiian red clay
salt and flavored salts.)
6.Junk-free foods
7.Clean labels
8.Transparency throughout the system
9.Faux genomics
10.Experiential shopping

Mintel Global New Products Database monitors worldwide product innovation in consumer packaged goods markets, offering unrivalled coverage of new product activity for competitor monitoring, category awareness and new product idea generation.
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