Millennials Force Transparency

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Millennials Force Transparency


It’s an old story that we have been repeating time and time again as a “must have” for these shoppers, and now it is becoming pervasive. Companies like Campbell Soup are leading the charge, as we have reported before, on GMO labeling but now it is getting even more interesting. Campbell’s on its website actually lists the name of the farms that make the cheese and spaghetti sauce in Spaghetti Os

Take as example, Fish + People Inc., which has been posting on its website the names and photos of the boat captains that caught fish for its new Fishpeople-brand packaged seafood meals and frozen filets over the past three years. And even the big guys, like General Mills and Kelloggs are adding the names and bios of the farmers that grow their ingredients on their websites.

But lets give credit where it is deserved. Frito-Lay before the trend, and before food people were enamored with Millennials, started running ads in 2009 highlighting their farmers (most of which are small, family-owned and very local) in Lay’s Potato Chips ads. And then there is Five Guys – who from day one put a white board in their restaurants and listed the name of the farm where that day’s batch of potatoes were sourced and being used for French fries. 

SO now everyone is getting on the bandwagon – and that is great for all consumers, of all ages.

Then there is the Hershey Company who have added “smart labels” on its packages to add even a higher level of nutrition information. 

Sam’s Club began putting codes on produce packages that smartphone-wielding shoppers can scan to learn where, how and by whom the food was grown.

The Real Co. lists the name of the Pakistani farm that produces the rice it sells right on the package. 

Consumers WANT to know where their foods come from!