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It was only in April that Ashton Kutcher ( and CNN ( were neck and neck in their race to reach 1 million followers in Twitter. Now, they’ve each passed 2 million, and more than two dozen twitter accounts have more than a million followers. Included in this list is Whole Foods Market (, which saw Follower No. 1,000,000 sometime on June 14, an event which it celebrated with a gift card contest in which the natural and organic foods retailer challenged its followers to tweet their five-word food philosophies

Progressive Grocer recently hit a social media milestone of its own – not with Twitter ( (at 316 followers, we still have a way to go) – but our LinkedIn group (, which as of this writing is just 18 members short of 1,000.

We launched the LinkedIn group January 20, and ever since it’s been host to dozens of active discussions on a variety of topics such as sustainability, mobile technology, private label, and shopper marketing, just to name a few. The group includes news feeds from Progressive Grocer’s online daily news, as well as a feed from our just-launched AisleChatter blog.

And just as Whole Foods did when it reached a million followers on Twitter, we plan to celebrate reaching our LinkedIn milestone by posting a mini-profile of our 1,000th member on the Progressive Grocer Web site.

Who will No. 1,000 be? Stay tuned – we expect him or her to join any day now…

(Before I wrap up my editorial, I’d like to leave you with some comic relief. Here’s a link to a video of Kevin Spacey trying unsuccessfully to explain Twitter to David Letterman on Late Night with David Letterman: