Mettler Toledo Unveils UC Evo Line

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Mettler Toledo Unveils UC Evo Line


Mettler Toledo, based in Columbus, Ohio, has unveiled its newest series of PC-based touchscreen counter scales, the UC Evo Line.

The new line is designed to become a technology centerpiece of the fresh department, a portal for communications, a productivity workhorse and a shopper marketing channel.

Supported by a PC-based operating system, UC Evo Line scales are capable of running third-party applications (web browser, Fresh Item Management, e-mail, Meal Planner, etc.) right on the scale.

"Enabling back office business functions to be performed at the counter allows department leaders to stay in the fresh department," said David Ciolek, Mettler Toledo network product manager. 

The larger, 12.1-inch color LCD operator touchscreen is fully configurable with optional graphical presets, according to the company.

In addition, the UC Evo Line is designed to be environmentally friendly. Its LED backlit displays provide better contrast, are brighter and more vivid, and reduce power consumption. The touchscreen scale also offers energy-saving modes and a processor that uses less power, and waste heat is dissipated via the aluminum housing.