Mettler Toledo Offers Free Sustainability White Paper

Mettler Toledo has released a white paper on sustainability trends currently impacting on the retail food industry. Titled “Sustainability in the Grocery Marketplace,” the white paper is written in collaboration with PE International, a global sustainability software and consulting company and offers practical suggestions on how grocery retailers can achieve sustainability initiatives.

Among the topics explored in the white paper, such as “How sustainably does my company operate?” and “How sustainable is my product range?”, its authors discuss how sustainability presents food retailers with both a challenge and an opportunity. It also contains numerous examples of food retailers’ sustainability initiatives and related trends, and summarizes where the sector is today, and which role it can play in encouraging efforts to further improve sustainability.

Mettler Toledo’s white paper further examines how equipment manufacturers can help food retailers to achieve their sustainability goals in practice, and provides several brief examples of best practices within the grocery sector.

Officials from the Columbus, Ohio-based Metter Toledo said the free white paper was created for food retailer decision-makers that are keen to advance the topic of sustainability within their companies and/or for those who wish to explore best practices to discover new ideas and inspiration.

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