Metcalfe’s Market Expands Adoption of Self-Checkout With Toshiba

Wisconsin grocer leverages innovative technology to enhance customer service and store operations
Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer
Toshiba Checkout
Metcalfe's Market has expanded its adoption of self-service solutions across all locations with Toshiba's self-checkout system, which is integrated with NCBP and LOC Software technology.

Independent grocer Metcalfe's Market has expanded adoption of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions technology to future-proof its stores. The Wisconsin-based retailer integrated more Toshiba Self Checkout System 7 solutions across all locations through partnerships with North Country Business Products (NCBP) and LOC Software. 

Metcalfe's journey with self-checkout began in 2016, and the continued increase in usage at all locations reflected positive customer reception and growing demand. The growing use of self-checkout across its stores led Metcalfe to expand its self-service infrastructure in 2023 by adding eight additional self-checkout lanes across three locations featuring Toshiba’s Self Checkout System 7. The upgrade streamlines daily accounting processes and significantly reduces queue lines, improving the overall customer checkout experience. Using back-end data with LOC Software, Toshiba’s self-checkout system allows staff to stay abreast of day-to-day challenges so customers can have a more seamless checkout experience. The upgrade enables seamless integration between the Toshiba point-of-sale (POS) and Toshiba self-checkout systems.

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"The evolving landscape of grocery retail technology requires adaptability at its core. As the pace of change accelerates, consumers increasingly expect versatile technology options across all shopping channels - be it traditional point of sale, self-checkouts [or] online platforms, with or without rewards programs. It is imperative to partner with industry leaders like Toshiba, NCBP and LOC Software, who stand at the forefront of technological innovation,” said Tim Metcalfe, president of Madison, Wis.-based Metcalfe’s Market.

Metcalfe's adoption of Toshiba’s self-checkout solution showcases its dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and elevate service standards. Integrating the AppCard loyalty program from NCBP further demonstrates seamless collaboration with vendor partners, providing customers with additional incentives. In addition, Metcalfe’s longtime use of LOC Software ties all integrations together for the retailer, setting the stage for a strong foundation with flexible back-office functionality. Through LOC Software’s back-end solution, Metcalfe’s can use all aspects of the software to handle direct-store delivery, receiving, inventory control and boundless reporting capabilities.

“Metcalfe's Market’s forward-thinking approach, focusing on the future of customer shopping experiences, solidifies their position as an industry leader dedicated to continuous improvement and exceptional service delivery,” said Duffy Fron, executive director of sales at Durham, N.C-based Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. “By embracing technological innovations and proactively adopting future enhancements, Metcalfe's is poised to revolutionize the checkout experience and leverage technology for the benefit of both their business and their valued customers.”

Metcalfe's Market, a fourth-generation, family-owned and -operated neighborhood market, has two locations in Madison, another in Wauwatosa, and Metcalfe’s On The Go at the Dane County Regional Airport. Its stores are known for offering an extensive selection of local and premium-quality foods. As a commitment to transparency, stores feature "Food Miles" signs, providing shoppers with information on how far each product has traveled to reach the shelf.

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