Mercatus Makes Pickup Experience Seamless, Contact-Free

Mercatus Makes Pickup Experience Seamless, Contact-Free
Mercatus is using Radius Networks' location-based technologies to minimize wait times for curbside pickup.

The new Mercatus Enhanced Fulfillment solution combines ShopperKit’s fulfillment technology and Radius Networks’ FlyBuy Pickup location-based communications capabilities to offer an advanced shopping, fulfillment and curbside pickup experience. 

The company partnerships are more important than ever as grocers strive to keep up with increased demand for online orders during the COVID-19 pandemic and elevated safety measures for social distancing and touch-free processes.   

With Mercatus Enhanced Fulfillment, online orders made through the Mercatus platform are automatically sorted by ShopperKit into optimized preparation times, and wave and zone pick paths. As employees pick and pack orders, they can connect with customers in real time for order substitutions and upsells. With real-time visibility into customer location from Radius Networks’ FlyBuy Pickup, employees can accurately track customer ETA for a seamless pickup experience.

“Coming out of the pandemic and the unprecedented volume of online orders many grocery retailers have experienced, now is the time to ensure those newly acquired online shoppers have the best fulfillment experience possible,” said Sylvain Perrier, president and CEO of Toronto-based Mercatus. “Relying on third parties for fulfillment can be costly not only to the bottom line, but also to the retailer’s brand. Grocer-managed ordering and pickup services increase share of profit for the grocer and cost less for customers. Mercatus Enhanced Fulfillment gives regional grocers a competitive edge in an increasingly crowded digital grocery landscape by providing best-in-class fulfillment and customer communication technology integrated in one solution.”

The solution is white-labeled for a retailer-owned experience for Mercatus grocers. It's also designed to scale as the grocer’s business requires. Retailers can easily configure intelligent wave and zone pick based on fulfillment environment, whether that be retail locations, dark stores, warehouses, micro fulfillment centers or a combination of each.

Seamless digital communication between store associates and shoppers happens across the entire fulfillment cycle, from in-store pick to curbside pickup. Automatic tracking and communication of shopper location enables store associates to coordinate orders and deliver them straight to the trunk of a shopper’s car, within two minutes of arrival for pickup.

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