Meijer Rewards Shoppers with Grocery Discounts During Holiday Season

With the economy a major concern among consumers, Meijer is rewarding holiday shoppers with a bonus of up to 20 percent off their grocery purchases when they buy general merchandise items within Meijer stores.

"Customers have a lot on their minds these days," said Jeff Handler, s.v.p. of marketing for Meijer. "The Meijer Bonus program gives a much needed benefit to our customers and allows them to get an additional reward when they take advantage of Meijer's low prices."

The "Meijer Bonus" program, launched at all 185 Meijer stores throughout the Midwest, provides holiday shoppers with a coupon for 5 percent off their next grocery purchase for every $100 spent on general merchandise or apparel items. Up to four coupons can be acquired each shopping trip, and customers can "stack" up to four coupons for a 20 percent maximum savings on their next grocery purchase.

The program runs through December 24, and all grocery coupons must be redeemed by December 31, 2008.

To help call attention to the program, Meijer also launched a print, TV, radio and out-of-home advertising campaign that features the tagline: "Holiday Shopping Never Tasted So Good."

For every $100 spent on general merchandise or apparel items, customers immediately receive a coupon at checkout for 5% off their next grocery purchase. For those spending $400 or more on GM items, they will receive four grocery coupons, the maximum number that a shopper can accumulate in one visit.

The coupons can be redeemed immediately thereafter for a maximum 20 percent discount on grocery purchases. Certain items are excluded, including: alcohol, tobacco, health & beauty items, prescriptions, gift cards, purchases at gas stations and convenience stops, lottery, postage, baby diapers and wipes, in-store businesses, online purchases, licenses,
Meijer pre-paid MasterCard, Meijer Productivity Business Card, taxes and previous purchases.
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