Meijer Launches Program to Optimize In-store Promotions

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Meijer here yesterday said it has deployed a new software-based marketing tool to optimize its ability to deliver individualized promotional offers to its existing customers.

Provided by NCR Corporation and Teradata, a division of NCR, the Enterprise Offer Management solution includes NCR's Copient Logix software and Teradata Customer Relationship Management (CRM), an analytical software portfolio.

"Meijer wants to continuously improve its relationship with our customers, and we increasingly look for technology to help with that process," said the chain's director of retail systems Elmer Robinson. "Enterprise Offer Management greatly enhances our ability to manage the promotional offers that we extend to shoppers at the checkout and, potentially, at other touchpoints in the future. It provides a 'closed loop' solution, from data warehousing to campaign management, to offer optimization, to content management to multichannel execution."

Enterprise Offer Management is designed to deliver cost savings, increase revenue and margins, and improve the shopping experience, according to NCR. It comprises the processes and technologies that enable retailers to create, manage, execute, and evaluate promotional programs.

NCR and Teradata developed the software package components to provide functions ranging from data warehousing and analytics to promotion management and communications delivery at consumer touchpoints.

The components are:
- Teradata CRM, which was developed to determine the needs and preferences of different customer groups and automate the delivery of personalized communications through the best channel;
- Teradata Offer Optimizer, which automates the process of matching hundreds of products or offers to millions of customers, based on business rules;
- NCR's Copient Logix, which manages offer distribution at retail touchpoints, such as point-of-sale (POS) workstations, kiosks, fuel pumps, Web sites, or e-mail - in real time;
- An open POS application with consumer marketing functionality.

"We did not have to worry about stitching together multiple products to deploy an end-to-end solution," Robinson said. "NCR ACS, with the Consumer Marketing module, was already in place chainwide, driving our POS operations. The other components of our Enterprise Offer Management solution - Teradata CRM, Teradata Offer Optimizer and Copient Logix - were proven and integrated, enabling us to readily implement and launch an effective promotional management program."

Meijer operates 177 family-owned superstores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.
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