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Meijer Launches New Campaign to Up Chicago Profile

Seeking to make its mark in the Chicago market, where Jewel and Dominick’s have long dominated, Meijer Inc. is launching a new campaign this week to grow the visibility of its brand, according to press reports.

Now with 11 superstores spread throughout the metro Chicago marketplace, the regional supercenter chain said it is running a tailored ad campaign from DeVito/Verdi New York that is exclusive for Chicago. The centerpiece is a trio of TV commercials with the tagline, “Higher Standards. Lower Prices.”

The Grand Rapids, Mich.-based superstore retailer’s new spots were given an A- rating by the Chicago Sun-Times’ media columnist Lewis Lazare, who praised the ads for working “beautifully not only because the central message is so clear, but because it is so smartly written, acted and directed. Two other spots about certain kinds of exotic produce and choice grade meats shine just as brightly. These Meijer commercials are wonderful reminders that good advertising doesn’t require huge budgets and casts of thousands, just smart concepts and sharp executions.”
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