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Meat, Potatoes Top List of Promodata '07 Ad Analysis

Beef, potatoes, and apples stand out as the dominant advertised categories in the three major perishable product groups, according to an analysis of the Chicago-based Promodata's 2007 Ad Activity report.

The ad tracking service bases its reports on retailer printed ads.

Major Advertised Categories Ranked On Count
52 Week Ad Count % Change Vs. Year Ago
Fresh Meat Fresh Vegetables Fresh Fruit
Beef +8% Potatoes +14% Apples +9%
Chicken +5% Peppers +13% Tomatoes +13%
Pork +10% Mushrooms -3% Grapes +23%
Turkey + 1% Onions -2% Melons +2%
Ham +7% Carrots -7% Citrus Fruit -9%
Lamb +13% Squash +14 Strawberries +2%

Accordingly, it appears that the "all-American meal" of steak, potatoes, and apple pie is still something the consumer has an appetite for, given the retailer ad emphasis noted above for those categories. In fact, the three categories not only have the highest count of ads in 2007 for their respective product group, but also solid increases vs. the previous year.

In terms of ad impressions, beef (51 percent), potatoes (37 percent) and grapes (65 percent) enjoy the highest portion of significant ad placement, while in fresh fruit, apples
(46 percent) is third behind grapes (65 percent) and melons (53 percent). As a rule, it appears that both fresh meat and fresh fruit are more likely to be supported by a significant ad than fresh vegetables.

Of Total Ads That Were Significant Ads ("A" Ads)
Fresh Meat Fresh Vegetables Fresh Fruit
Beef 51% Potatoes 37% Apples 46%
Chicken 47% Peppers 30% Tomatoes 41%
Pork 46% Mushrooms 25% Grapes 65%
Turkey 41% Onions 21% Melons 53%
Ham 44% Carrots 23% Citrus Fruit 43%
Lamb 27% Squash 26% Strawberries 57%
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