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Meat Institute Launches Info Hub for Millennials


In a bid to expand transparency and facilitate easy access to information about meat and poultry cuts, nutrition, production practices and recipes for Millennials, the North American Meat Institute (NAMI) has unveiled a new user-friendly website.

Dubbed, content on the meat industry's new digital platform is tailored to primarily assist the all-important, fast-growing demographic segment comprised of individuals ages 18-35 with becoming more informed, confident consumers of meat and poultry.

“The MeatUp site is the first-of-its-kind resource that will equip the new generation of young adults and families with the knowledge and skills to make meat and poultry part of a healthy, balanced diet,” said NAMI President and CEO Barry Carpenter. “The website appeals to consumers’ appetite for transparency, debunks common meat myths and provides useful food safety, preparation, cooking and recipe tips.”

Consumers can use the site’s "Cuts of Meat" feature to learn more about the most common retail meat options, along with ways to prepare and cook those cuts to ensure quality and meet taste preferences. The new site also offers additional consumer-focused tools, including an overview of the most popular meat cooking methods, a cold storage chart to gauge product freshness, a scale to help determine meat doneness and a glossary of essential meat terms.

The site presents information in an easily digestible list format with issue pages titled, for example, "Seven Nutrition Facts About Meat That Might Surprise You,” “Six Misconceptions About Antibiotics and Meat,” “Eleven Animal Welfare Guidelines, Strategies and Facts” and “Six Reasons Why Meat is ‘Greener’ Than You Think.”

The mobile-friendly site also offers numerous recipe ideas for beef, pork, veal, lamb and turkey that busy consumers can access from their mobile device while shopping.

In the future, NAMI plans to enhance the accessibility of’s content by creating a MeatUp mobile app, which will allow consumers to more easily use the information as a guide when shopping for -- and cooking -- meat and poultry products.

“This site aptly combines content on pertinent industry issues with user-friendly, consumer-oriented information that will interest both meat novices and experts alike,” Carpenter said.


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