McGinnis Sisters Lands on Culinary Heritage Register

Pittsburgh-based McGinnis Sisters Special Food Stores has earned distinction as the first grocer to be named to the SoFAB Culinary Heritage Register.

The New Orleans-based SoFAB Culinary Heritage Register is a list of culinary products, processes, inventions, traditions and establishments that are at least 60 years old and that have contributed significantly to the development of American foodways. The first and only register of its kind, the Culinary Heritage Register is an initiative designed to explore and preserve the complex history of food and beverage in America.

A ceremony marking McGinnis Sisters’ induction into SoFAB’s Culinary Heritage Register will take place at noon on Jan. 23, at the three-store grocer’s Adams Township, Pa., store located at the corner of Route 228 and Adams Ridge Blvd.

More information about the register, including an application form, can be found here.


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