McDonald's 'Moms' Quality Correspondents' Tour Beef Supplier

Oklahoma City, OK - In response to moms' questions and concerns about McDonald's hamburger patties, Lopez Foods, a McDonald's beef supplier based here, recently opened its doors to McDonald's Moms' Quality Correspondents.

During the tour of Lopez Foods - a McDonald's supplier for nearly 40 years - Moms' Quality Correspondents saw first hand how beef patties are made, packaged, and shipped to McDonald's restaurants.

Following the tour at Lopez Foods, the moms took their turns as McDonald's crew members on the hamburger grill at a local McDonald's restaurant in Mustang, Okla.

McDonald's launched the Moms' Quality Correspondents initiative to give everyday moms extraordinary access to the company's food system, and the opportunity to share what they learn with others. Their visit to Lopez Foods marked the group's second discovery tour.
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