McCaffrey's Flagship Store Finally Rises from the Ashes

YARDLEY, PA -- After operating for over a year in a makeshift store, under a 10,000-sq.-ft. tent, Jim McCaffrey cut the ribbon on a new 40,000-sq.-ft. flagship supermarket here April 16.

The $7 million replacement store "has been a long time in coming, after the fire that destroyed our original supermarket last February," McCaffrey told Progressive Grocer.

The retailer said he "never thought it would take this long to get rebuilt, we're certainly pleased with the end results. It's probably our best store to date."

McCaffrey had opened the tent store about two months after the fire, to remain active in the community, and try to discourage customers from developing alternative grocery shopping routines. He closed the tent roughly a month ago so that he could upgrade the site’s parking lot.

While it presented unavoidable inconveniences to shoppers and his own operation, McCaffrey said he was gratified by the interim tent store's success, claiming it generated business in excess of over $200,000 per week. "It was not only something unique here in our community, but everyone I've spoken with from around the country was absolutely blown away by what we did."

"We were really glad we did it," he added. "In times of tragedy, it's something others may want to do."

The new, upscale store is renting out about 3,000 sq. ft. to the Pa. Liquor Control Board for a One Stop Shop state liquor store that will specialize in premium wines, spirits, and accessories.

The new McCaffrey's will also feature a raised mezzanine level where patrons can enjoy prepared foods, take cooking classes, or utilize the space rent-free for community and nonprofit group meetings. The unit has state-of-the-art technology features, such as a humidity-controlled refrigerated case to dry-age beef, and computerized freezer and refrigeration temperature monitoring systems that will alert store teams to any problems before food becomes compromised.

Not everything's new, however. The floor plan is similar to the original unit, with most of the key departments' locations and adjacencies intact.

McCaffrey's operates additional supermarket locations in Princeton and West Windsor, N.J., as well as central commissary.

--Meg Major
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