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Marsh Supermarkets Introduces 100% Local Beef Program

In response to consumer demand for more local natural foods, Marsh stores in Indiana and Ohio are launching a new “100% Local” program for Angus beef.

A “100% Local” decal in one of the 38 stores with service meat cases will tell customers the beef came from one of eight farms that have been vetted thoroughly.

Participating farmers (seven in Ohio, one in Indiana) have gone through an extensive process to be included in the program, which required them to sign affidavits for all the cattle purchased from them through the program. The affidavits certify that the cattle are antibiotic-free from birth and never fed any animal by-products except the milk they nurse from the mother cows.

Among the participating farms are Bio Town Ag in Reynolds, Ind.; Bonner Farms in Mantua, Ohio; Hartley Grain Farms in Bellevue, Ohio; and Jeff Reichelderfer in Circleville, Ohio.

“Consumers increasingly want to know where their food comes from, and how it is produced,” said Harry Giglio, Marsh group VP of fresh, who has worked in the meat and produce field for 35 years and joined Marsh a year ago.

The 100% Local meats also are minimally processed, which means the meat is free of all additives, including preservatives, dry rubs, marinades or any other flavor enhancements often used to enhance flavor or increase shelf life.

The 100% Local program complements Marsh’s Signature Premium Angus Beef program, which features cuts of beef that carry a USDA Certification for Tenderness. Marsh is only one of four supermarket companies in the country that offers these USDA Certified Tender cuts of beef: ribeye, T-bone, porterhouse, strip loin and tenderloin.

“With high quality programs like these, we’re giving our loyal customers what they want: fresh, natural, high-quality foods,” Giglio said.

Indianapolis-based Marsh operates 72 Marsh Supermarkets and O’Malia Food Markets in Indiana and Ohio, with 38 Indiana pharmacy locations.






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