Marsh Goes All-Organic with Apples, Pears

Marsh Super Markets has shifted its entire bulk apple and pear offering to certified organic.

The Indianapolis-based chain said it will continue to sell a wide selection of the two popular fresh fruits, but the assortments will be 100 percent certified organic instead of conventionally grown. Marsh added that it intends to sell the organic pear and apples for the same per-pound-price as their conventional counterparts.

In its most recent circular, the grocer advertised certified organic Bartlett, Anjou, Red Starkrimson, or Bosc pears from Washington for $1.49 a pound, with frequent shopper card.

“Organic farming uses a variety of earth-friendly methods to grow healthful crops without relying on chemical pesticides or using synthetic fertilizers. At Marsh, all of our fresh pears are 100% organic and are certified by the United States Department of Agriculture,” Marsh said in the circular.

Marsh Supermarkets operates 100 stores in Indiana and Ohio.
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