Marsh Acquisition of O'Malia's Now Complete

The purchase of O'Malia Food Markets by Marsh Supermarkets Inc. is now officially complete, according to Don E. Marsh, chairman, president and CEO of the acquiring food chain. O'Malia's will continue to operate under that name as a separate division of Marsh Supermarkets.

A tentative letter of intent between the two food companies was signed on June 14, with details to be worked out later. "I'm delighted that so little time has been required to work out all the fine points of our agreement," said Marsh. "It says much about the spirit of cooperation that has persisted throughout our negotiations." Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

"I've been very pleasantly surprised by how smoothly things have progressed," said Danny O'Malia, who remains as president of the O'Malia stores. "Everything Don Marsh told us he would do during our negotiations has been done, and our mutual good faith in each other has been confirmed many times over"

Both companies have long-standing family traditions. Marsh Supermarkets was founded in Muncie in 1931 by Don's father, Ermal Marsh, and O'Malia Food Markets was formed in Carmel in 1966 by Danny's father, Joe O'Malia.

Marsh Supermarkets is one of the country's largest regional grocery chains, with 69 Marsh Supermarkets, 32 LoBill stores, two Savin*$, and 189 Village Pantry convenience stores in central Indiana and western Ohio. The O'Malia stores -- four in Indianapolis and four in Hamilton County -- will continue to operate under the name O'Malia Food Markets.
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