Manthan Systems Introduces Personalized Promotions Solution

Manthan Systems, a provider of business intelligence (BI) and analytics for retailers, has introduced ARC TargetOne, an advanced personalized promotions solution, extending its ARC Customer Analytics portfolio to real-time and context-sensitive campaign execution.

“According to a recent RIS News study, a majority of retailers believe the top influencer of shopper loyalty is the delivery of relevant and personalized offers,” said Lyle Walker, VP of customer analytics at Manthan Systems. “Although many retailers are collecting customer data, it is extremely challenging to interpret, define, and then execute personalized communications on an ongoing basis. TargetOne has been designed to overcome these challenges and unleash the power of customer data to cultivate customer loyalty through personalization and relevance. In our experience context-driven personalization can increase campaign response rates by over 10 to 30 percent.”

Backed by ARC—Manthan's cloud-ready analytic platform—TargetOne utilizes advanced analytic understanding of customer behavior and communications effectiveness, to increase the ROI of campaign plans, according to the vendor. It allows the retail marketer to form associations between customer behavior, communication objectives and context-relevance. In addition, ARC TargetOne enables retail marketers to execute personalized promotions based on multi-channel customer interaction triggers at the point-of-sale and store vicinity, during ecommerce transactions, email click-throughs and social media engagements. Touch governance features in ARC Target One allow retailers to execute 1-to-1 marketing without the risk of inundating or spamming customers, Manthan added.

Manthan’s ARC Customer Analytics portfolio, including ARC TargetOne, seeks to provide complete lifecycle marketing and campaign optimization functionality for retailers, from data collection and advanced analytics through personalized promotions, execution and delivery.

Over 80 retailers are supported by Manthan’s predictive and guided analytics, pre-built and flexible dashboards, dynamic reports and data visualizations combined with complete mobile enablement. Manthan’s retail solutions aim to transform traditional business intelligence to smart decision-making support with bi-directional integration capabilities that convert insight to action.


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