Made to Order Pizzas The Next Big Thing?

Even as Technomic reports the wild popularity of burgers and burgeoning interest in “better” burgers, the market research firm is looking ahead future hot food trends.

One of those emerging trends, according to Technomic's “Concepts 2020” study, is another reworking of a beloved American foodstuff: pizza.

According to the newly-released “Fast Casual Pizza Cluster Report” that is part of the Concepts 2020 study, made-to-order pizza may well be the next better burger. “Its fresh, gourmet positioning provides a strong platform for popular health and wellness concepts," notes Darren Tristano, Technomic’s executive VP. "The 'better' trend seen in 'better burgers' will also drive 'better sandwich' and 'better pizza' concepts. Not only are made-to-order pizza concepts delivering better quality and fresher ingredients, consumers are able to create their own pizzas that are ready within minutes, a proven recipe for success within the fast casual space.”


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