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Lowes Foods Touts Green Moves for Earth Day

Lowes Foods, an independent grocer based in North Carolina and owned by Alex Lee, Inc., is taking advantage of Earth Day to talk about the steps it's taking to conserve the environment.

"Recycle, reuse, and reduce are the critical words that guide us in this endeavor," the retailer said in its "FreshNews" e-newsletter sent to its customers over the weekend.

"Lowes Foods and our customers are working together to reduce the number of bags that wind up in landfills," the grocer said. "When you bring your paper, plastic, or cloth bags to Lowes Foods to reuse when checking out, we will credit your rewards account with 50 greenpoints for each bag used."

Lowes Foods said each year it recycles nearly 10,000 tons of cardboard and 625 tons of plastic from its stores. Meanwhile, in its bid to conserve energy, the chain was able to reduce its kilowatt use by 4 percent last year, it added.

In its e-newsletter, the grocer also shared energy-saving tips that consumers can use.
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