For the Love of Steak

Americans are keeping the romance alive with beef according to the latest survey fielded by Pelegrin Research Group on behalf of the Beef Checkoff.

Viewed as a dependable long-term partner, half of Americans say beef would be the one to stand by them through thick and thin. And from conference calls to car pools, after a long day’s work, Americans are almost four times as likely to prefer to come home to a beef meal over chicken. It’s easy to see, Americans aren’t just flirting with beef on Valentine’s Day; they are ready to commit to exploring this sizzling protein in new and delicious ways.

“Americans hold a special place in their hearts for beef,” said Dave Zino, executive chef for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, contractor to the Beef Checkoff program. “But it's not just about special occasions. Beef remains at the center of the plate because only beef delivers the ‘Steak Effect’ – more sizzle, flavor, satisfaction and enjoyment than any other protein.”

• Let The Sparks Fly! More than half (51 percent) of Americans surveyed believe serving steak to someone best says “I love you,” more than all other proteins combined.
• Sweet Satisfaction. Nearly twice as many Americans choose beef versus chicken when asked which satisfies them as much as chocolate does.
• We ♥ You Just the Way You Are. Twice as many people believe that steak can truly stand on its own compared to chicken and other proteins. 
• Hungry for a Connection. Men say they have eight times more chemistry with steak than they do with chicken.

Two-thirds of Americans (63 percent) consider themselves middle-of-the-road beef cooks, but they want to learn more. Retailers can help close that gap with a Valentine’s Day themed recipe from the official I Heart Beef recipe bank for the “Two Steppin’ Tenderloin.”

Featuring the always-romantic Filet Mignon with a delicious pesto dipping sauce, it’s easy to prepare a wonderful meal that captures a moment in time in a way that only beef can. Using a technique similar to what steakhouse chefs use nationwide, the two-step cooking process, is a simple method that yields restaurant-quality steaks from the comfort of home chef’s own kitchens.

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