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Loblaws Adopting New Loss Prevention System

Loblaw Cos., Ltd. will start placing in all of its Real Canadian Superstores electronic article surveillance systems from KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. for use with KMA's Grocery Store Label (GSL) for theft prevention.

Additionally, KMA, which has supplied the labels to Brampton, Ont.-based Loblaws for the past 12 months for application on frozen food and other high-theft grocery items at selected stores, will implement GSL chainwide.

An expected yearly supply of 10 million GSL tags will yield about $1 million in annual revenues for KMA, according to the vendor.

"This is Canada's largest grocery retailer, and with its adoption of the GSL product, it [is] our intentions to position this product to become the standard loss prevention tag at all grocery retailers throughout North America," said KMA c.e.o. Jeffrey D. Reid in a statement.

Mississauga, Ont.-based KMA is a worldwide manufacturer and supplier of electronic article surveillance (EAS) labels for the multimedia, retail apparel, health/beauty aids, soft goods, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical industries.
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